"Ann-Margrock Presents" is the first episode of Season 4 and the eighty-ninth overall.


Ann-Margrock comes to town for a big concert and stays with the Flintstones, who do not know who he is. After a few tries Fred and Barney both get on the Ann-Margrock Show.


Mr. Slate's company is building the Bedrock Bowl, which is about to receive superstar Ann-Margrock for its first show. However, going for a ride, Ann has a flat tire on her sports car and seeks help at the Flintstones' home. She gets attached to Pebbles. However, as they don't know who she really is (goes under the name of Annie), Fred and Barney practice for a "talent search show" for a chance to perform with Ann-Margrock herself. Annie decides to help the guys a bit...

Cultural ReferencesEdit


  • This is the first episode that uses an opening scene as a teaser before the opening song. About half the episodes would begin this way while the rest would still use a preview as the teaser.
  • Beginning this Season ABC moved the series from Fridays to Thursday nights.

Cast and CreditsEdit

  • Special guest star Ann-Margaret, provided her own voice as the title character.