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Infobox template for South Park characters.


{{Flintstones Character
|image      = FILENAME
|imagetwo   = FILENAME
|name       = {{PAGENAME}}
|aliases    = 
|gender     = 
|race       = 
|hair       = 
|birthday   = 
|age        =
|age        = 
|job        = 
|voice      = 
|appearance = 
|final      = 

Character RelativesEdit

|relation1     = 
|relativename1 = 
|relation2     = 
|relativename2 = 
|relation3     = 
|relativename3 = 
|relation4     = 
|relativename4 = 
|relation5     = 
|relativename5 = 
|relation6     = 
|relativename6 = 
|relation7     = 
|relativename7 = 
|relation8     = 
|relativename8 = 
|relation9     = 
|relativename9 = 
|relation10     = 
|relativename10 = 
|relation11     = 
|relativename11 = 
|relation12     = 
|relativename12 = 
|relation13     = 
|relativename13 = 
|relation14     = 
|relativename14 = 
|relation15     = 
|relativename15 = 
|relation16     = 
|relativename16 = 
|relation17     = 
|relativename17 = 
|relation18     = 
|relativename18 = 
|relation19     = 
|relativename19 = 
|relation20     = 
|relativename20 = 

Note: Birthday should be used if the year of birth is unknown or changes as the show goes on. For celebrities, whose exact date of birth is known, 'dob' should be used. Example:

|birthday   = May 15
|dob        = May 15, 1987

Note: Default width is 200px. Image width can be customized by adding a |width= parameter (similarly, the width of the second image can be controlled with a |widthtwo= parameter), but this should only be used in exceptional cases, usually when the image's width is greater than its height.

Note: In order for the relatives subsection of the template to appear, you must begin with relative 1. In a rare case where more than 20 relatives are needed, you must consult an administrator. Example:

|relation1     = Son
|relativename1 = [[Bamm-Bamm Rubble]]

Note: Relatives are to be listed separately. Do not group them.

Main Characters
Family Members
Various Townsfolk
Miscellaneous Characters
See also:
  • |filename#=
    Supply the raw filename and extension of the image you want it to display (do not add [[Image:]] or [[File:]], this is handled automatically).
  • |title#=
    The name of the episode's article.
  • |date#=
    The original airdate.
  • |code#=
    The episode's production code (eg. 1406)
  • |no#=
    The episode's total number (eg. 201)
  • |description#=
    A short description.