"Little Bamm Bamm" is the third episode of Season 4 and the ninety-first overall.


Barney Rubble and Rubble want a baby and wish upon a falling star and the next morning a baby boy is found in a basket on their door step. He was named Bamm-Bamm Rubble and he turns out to be the strongest baby in the world. Barney and Betty then take steps to legally adopt him. After almost being turned down they are given the baby.


Henry the elephant was using his water to wash the dishes, all of a sudden Wilma hears Fred laughing, he was laughing about Dino buries his bone, later at dinner Fred was eating the bone, while Wilma was feeding pebbles her mush, but pebbles didn't want to eat her mush, meanwhile Wilma answered the phone but Fred didn't care cause he wanted to be alone at home with Wilma and pebbles, finally, Fred grabbed the door, but BANG the door hit him instead, Barney and Betty walked inside.


  • This was the 91st episode to air, but produced after the 8 episodes airing after it, explaining why Bamm Bamm would not again appear in the body of the episode until the next one.

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  • Credited animators: Kenneth Muse, George Goepper, Jerry Hathcock.


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