"Monster Fred"



Fred Flintstone gets hit on the head with a bowling ball, later the Flintstones and the Rubble's go to Dr. Frankenstone to get Fred and Dino back to normal, Fred was inside Dinos body and Dino was in Fred's body, so Fred and Dino go to the laboratory to switch Fred and Dino back to normal, but when Dino comes back out he walks over and says baa baa baa baaa oooooooooooo he howls, when Fred came out he wasn't Dino anymore, but now he sounded like barney, now barney and Fred had switched bodies, so Wilma, Fred, Barney, and Betty went to the laboratory Fred inside barneys body asks Dr. Frankenstone a question before he could the pull the switch down but then he pulled down the switch anyway but it didn't work, Fred switched bodys with Wilma and barney switched bodies with Betty, Fred inside Wilma body shakes Dr Frankenstone's hand, and says, so long Mr. Frankenstone if you ever need a call, call me and i,ll bring my shovel haa haa haa haa, barney inside Betty's body asks the other dr and asks, hey ya how would you like to point a launch doc, so they sat back down in their seats to get switched back, but nobody said anything, but it seemed this time the other dr and dino switched bodys, oh no my electric bill, said Dr. Frankenstone, so the other dr and dino hop nto one of the seats and dr Frankenstone pulled down the switch now everyone was back to normal,


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