"Old Lady Betty"


Betty gets a part-time job running errands for someone who she thinks is an elderly lady. So Betty is not recognized by friends, she disguises herself as an older lady as well. The elderly lady, however is actually a counterfeiter and sends Betty to the store to buy small purchases with fake 100 dollar bills in order to get authentic money. Fred, Barney, and Wilma find out and help Betty get the counterfeiters captured.


Betty Rubble disguises herself as an old lady so she wouldn't be recognized as herself, she goes over to the reporting place to talk to an old lady who was sitting in a wheelchair, when Betty left, the old lady in the wheelchair takes off her glasses she's gone Stony she says, but when she takes off her wig it was revealed to be Greta, who was stony's counterpart, meanwhile Fred and Barney were setting off for work.


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  • Credited animators: Hugh Fraser, Carlo Vinci, Don Patterson.


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